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Carsten Peterson

Email: peterson at math dot upb dot de

About me

Hello, my name is Carsten Peterson. I am currently a postdoc at Paderborn University as part of the Collaborative Research Center on Integral Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory (specifically projects B3 and B4). In Fall 2024 I will be at Laboratoire d'Analyse, Géométrie et Applications at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord as part of the Cofund MathInGreaterParis program.

I graduated in Spring 2023 from University of Michigan where my advisor was Ralf Spatzier. My current focus is in the direction of quantum ergodicity, which relates ergodicity of a dynamical system with equidistribution of the eigenfunctions of the corresponding Laplace operator. More specifically I am working on "quantum ergodicity on Bruhat-Tits buildings". Bruhat-Tits buildings are simplicial complexes built from semisimple algebraic groups over non-archimedean local fields. They may be interpreted as non-archimedean analogues of symmetric spaces of non-compact type. The simplest examples of these buildings are infinite regular trees. More generally I am interested in analogies between symmetric spaces and affine buildings, as well as connections between representation theory, spectral theory, and dynamics.


  1. C. Peterson, Quantum ergodicity on the Bruhat-Tits building for PGL(3, F) in the Benjamini-Schramm limit (submitted)


  1. K. Cordwell, M. Hlavacek, C. Huynh, S. J. Miller, C. Peterson, and Y. N. T. Vu, Summand minimality and asymptotic convergence of generalized Zeckendorf decompositions (arxiv version). Res. Number Theory (2018) 4: 43.
  2. S. J. Miller, C. Peterson, C. Sprunger, and R. van Peski, The bidirectional ballot polytope (arxiv version). Integers 18 (2018), #A81.
  3. S. J. Miller and C. Peterson, A geometric perspective on the MSTD question (arxiv version). Discrete Comput. Geom. 62, 832-855 (2019).


Here is my CV.

Here are slides from a talk that I gave at Johns Hopkins in December 2023.

Here is a poster that I presented at the IMJ-PRG 2023 Summer School on Microlocal and probabilistic methods in geometry and dynamics.

Here is a recording of a talk I gave to an audience of physics graduate students discusing quantum ergodicity on manifolds and graphs.